A Recognized Face and a New Name Join Ranks of Top Tucson Roofing Contractors

By kevin | Blog

Apr 02

We were happy to send this out recently, albeit a bit late…

A well known name in the roofing contractor business has launched a new name and a new brand along with a new partner and website – Tucson Roof Gurus. With over 25 years of roofing experience, Kevin Bayes recently announced the new company to serve the Tucson and Southern Arizona area for roof repair, maintenance and installations.

While Bayes has worked for some of the top roofers in Arizona, Southern California and Colorado, Tucson Roof Gurus is his first venture at the helm of the business. For that reason, he said, he chose to partner with long time friend Burt Jessop to manage the “in house” aspects of business, including the branding and marketing, while Bayes will concentrate on managing the labor.

“Knowing the best way to approach a roof repair or installation and getting it done on budget is one thing I know well, but getting the word out to the customers that need our help is where (Jessop) comes in” said Bayes.

With a slight up-tick in the local housing market, the roofing industry is beginning to get busier again too.  Especially when it comes to more custom roofs such as tile roofing, tile roof repairs and metal roofing and the special considerations involved with each.

Metal roofs are becoming more popular, both due to attractive new design options as well as the functional benefits that come along with them.  The fact that the average lifespan for a metal roof can range from 50 to 75 years makes them an attractive choice for people building their dream home.

In Tucson, many people considering metal roofs fear that the desert heat will make them impractical. However, today’s metal roofs incorporate reflective pigment technology to combat the sun’s heat. In fact, many people see savings of up to 30% on air conditioning costs with a metal roof.

“Metal roofing just makes so much sense, and it looks so good when done right, that we really want to help educate the public about it. Too often people dismiss it because they think it will be too expensive without really looking and the bigger picture” explained Bayes.  He said he hopes Tucson Roof Gurus will be able to help educate more people about roofing in general, and specifically with regards to the benefits of metal roofs.

Tucson Roof Gurus is a complete roofing company, doing everything from minor roof repairs to being your local go-to roofer for new installations of metal roofing. Tile roofs, shingles, flat roofs and roof coating are all handled by Tucson Roof Gurus as well.

For more information, visit Tucson Roof Gurus at www.TucsonRoofGurus.com, or call them at (520) 775-0388