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What are the Pros and Cons of tile roofing in Tucson?

As a proud home owner, one of the major decisions related to the home development project is the decision concerning the modification of the roof. While you plan to install a new roofing system, there are a lot of factors that impact the decision related to the type of roofing that ought to be installed, where the roof system should also turn out to be a durable, efficient and cost-effective option. One of the effective options comes in the form of tile roofing, which offers a lot of benefits for the house owner. But the tile roofing comes with some disadvantages too, where the home owner ought to weigh the pros and cons of tile roofing system to know if it suits his idea of an ideal roofing system.

Advantages of tile roofing

When the home owner makes up his mind to go in for the tile roofing system, he is sure to get benefited in several ways. Most importantly, tile roofing lasts for a long time and the system doesn’t rot of burn during scorching summer times. Another of the effective feature of the tile roofing is the longevity extended by this system. The concrete tile roof is sure to last for a very long time and the clay tile is also known to last for a longer period as when compared to some of the other roofing materials.

By planning to go in for this roofing system, the home owner can select the ideal roof tile from a wide range of designs and colors. The design and color of the roof tiles can be selected to compliment any house, which in turn enhances the looks of the exteriors. For the home owner who is concerned about the safety of his house, this roofing system becomes the best option. The roof tiles come along with the fire safety feature and with non-combustible properties, which enhance the life of the tile roofing system.

This roofing system also has the innate capability to resist the harsh weather effects when compared to other roofing materials, and air circulation also gets enhanced as when the home owner makes use of roof tiles. The roofing system also resists rot and insects. Many materials get used as a part of the tile roofing system, where one can go in for slate, concrete, clay and Spanish tile roofs.

Disadvantages of tile roofing

There are some disadvantages that come along with the tile roofing system. The roof tiles are very heavy and force the roof to go in for reinforcements that are needed to support the weight in the process. The roof tiles also tend to be fragile in nature, and walking over these can even lead to breakage of tiles.

Maintaining roof tiles in proper conditions is also a difficult task, where the materials that lie under the roof tiles tend to worsen after some years, as the home owner should make sure to replace the underlying materials. If the damaged materials are not replaced, it could lead to leakage or breakage of tiles. The home owner should also take note of the fact the tile roofing system is an expensive option when it comes to initial costs when compared to some of the other roofing options, but it tends to more than pay for itself in the long run.

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