Metal Roofs

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Synonymous to durability and protection, it’s true that a perfect choice is metal roofing in Tucson because it can last a lifetime offering unmatched protection and beauty to your sweet home. Being free from any maintenance and replacement costs throughout its life, you will appreciate the value metal roofing adds to your home with time.

Why metal roofing? Tucson homes benefit many ways

Design Flexibility

Metal roofs are available in a wide variety of colors and designs to fit into any style home. You can adopt a sleek, contemporary look, a classic, a rustic look or the traditional vertical seam profile. Furthermore you can have the metal roof to resemble clay tiles, shingles, slate or wood shake as per your preference.


Metal roofs have a life span of about 50 to 75 years i.e. three times more than the average life of the non-metal roofing. Metal roofings offer unmatched resistant properties to mildew, erosion, cracking, split and shrinking along with the strength to survive extreme weather conditions including hail storms, snow loads and wildfires. It is fairly possible that a metal roof will be the last roof you ever install on your home.

Energy Cost Savings

Metal roofs come with reflective pigment technology coating that offers high reflectivity of the sun heat, which saves up to 30% on air-conditioning costs. This not only increases the overall home energy efficiency but also lowers the utility bills.

Maintenance and Replacement Free

Metal roof products are practically maintenance free and do not require any replacement throughout its life due to its unmatched durability. This saves you the maintenance and replacement costs associated with non-metal roofing products.

Metal roofs are environment friendly as they are:

  • Made from 50% recycled material and can be further 100% recycled to be used again and again.
  • Solar reflective resulting in lower cooling requirements and less emissivity.
  • Easily installable right over the old roofing materials. This helps in avoiding the costly and environmentally unsafe roof removal.

Lifetime Warranties

Metal roofing usually comes with 30 to 50 years of year manufacturer warranty and workmanship warranty from the roof installer. This makes metal roof products a onetime investment with complete peace of mind.

Misconceptions about Metal Roofing

  • Costlier than non-metal roofing
  • Maintenance and replacement cost saved that are associated with non-metal roofing ga
  • Cost saved from reproofing that is usually required in asphalt metal roofing ga
  • Lower homeowner’s insurance cost for metal roofed homes
  • Increased resale value of your home
  • Energy cost savings

The initial investment for a high quality metal roof is higher than the non-metal roofing products but you will accumulate saving in the long run from:


A metal roof is not vulnerable to lightning even though it is metal as it is properly grounded allowing the lightning to safely disperse to the ground throughout the structure. Moreover, metal roof products are not flammable and combustible thus offering high end safety in case of severe weather conditions like lightning.


Most people consider that a metal roof will rattle and produce much noise in rain, hail and extreme weather. Well actually this is not true when the metal roof is installed with a solid sheathing which dampens the noise much more than the other roofing materials.

Vulnerable to Rust

Latest metal roofing products are equipped with a “metallic coating” usually made from zinc or an alloy of zinc and aluminum. This metallic coating serves as a protection against the formation of rust and extends the durability of the metal roofing.

Vulnerable to Dents

Nowadays most of the metal roofing comes with a weather rating that can survive for decades against extreme weather including hail, heavy snow and high winds. The metal used offers high tensile strength preventing dents in its structure.
Metal Roofing

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Types of Material for Metal Roofing

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Corrugated
  • Tin
  • Lead

Steel roofs are environment friendly and very durable offering tough resistance to punctures, chipping, cracking, peeling, perforating, fire and extreme weather. They are free from rust formation and environmental corrosion unlike other metals. Steel roofs are subjected to harsh standards for wind and fire impact.

Steel roofs are maintenance free and offer savings in terms of taxes, resale, re-roofing, energy savings and insurance. Available in a wide variety of colors, designs and finishing to satisfy the needs of even the most discriminating house owner. With 50 years manufacturer’s warranty for material defects, rust and corrosion, you can have a complete peace of mind. When installed properly by professionals it will definitely become the last roof of your home.

Metal roofing is definitely a popular choice for many in Tucson, but tile roofing is still most popular, and what we do the most work on.