Tile Roof Repair Tucson, AZ

Tucson Roof Gurus works on all kinds of residential and commercial roofs, including

  • Tile Roofs
  • Shingle Roofs
  • Flat Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
tile roof being repaired in Tucson, AZ

While we work on all kinds of roofs throughout southern AZ, tile roofs are by far the material we work with the most.  There’s good reason why tile is so popular in and around Tucson, and if you have it on your home, you made a wise choice.

While tile can be more expensive than other options when you’re buying materials, in the long run, it’s an excellent choice for the kind of weather we have here in the Old Pueblo.

Spanish tiles look like rows on undulating waves with wide water courses between the tiles. They are most often found in places like Tucson where, while rain may be infrequent, it’s often heavy. Our monsoons can make quick work of lesser materials as they saturate dried and porous materials. Clay, terracotta, and concrete tiles however, can weather these infrequent but intense assaults quite handily.

As far as costs go for roofing materials, generally speaking asphalt shingles which are the most common roof type in the U.S., are the cheapest to replace. Next would be wooden and metal shingles, which are middle of the road.  Clay, concrete and slate tiles are where expenses go up for repair. When repaired, those materials are the most durable and so lifespan will be longer.

How long is a tile roof supposed to last?

If you use a quality underlayment, and keep your roof clean from pests, debris and tree limbs, your roof could very well last 40 or 50 years or more before it needs to be replaced

With years of experience, we know how to get the work done right the first time

The roofing industry gets people working in it that come and go all the time.  When you work with Tucson Roof Gurus, you have a crew of workers who have not only worked in the industry for many years, they’ve worked together.  Like so many things, having a good team is infinitely better than a bunch of individuals that don’t know what the other is doing.

Tucson Roof Gurus is Your #1 Roofing Team!

Pros and Cons of Tile Roofing in Tucson, AZ

Benefits of a Tile Roof in AZ

  • A tile roof can easily handle the heat of a blazing Tucson summer.
  • The sun won’t burn or rot this type of roofing.
  • These tiles can also handle high winds and heavy rains that you experience during a monsoon.
  • They’re even fireproof and resistant to insects.
  • A tile roof will help control the home’s indoor temperature during the heat of Tucson summer.
  • Roof tiles can last 40 to 50 years or even longer
  • They look great!  There are a lot of variations you can choose from
Downsides to Tile Roofing
  • Higher initial cost - with the long lifespan and low maintenance costs, this is offset in the long run, but initial 'sticker shock' can put people off.
  • Installation - This is not the kind of roof you should attempt a 'DIY' job on - you need a roofer with plenty of experience working with roof tiles.
  • Color can fade over time, though they still look good (this is more the case with concrete tile than clay)
  • A tile roof is heavier than a normal roof, so you need to make sure your framing can support the added burden.

How do you fix a broken tile?

Because we know there are a lot of DIY'ers out there, and because we get asked this question a lot, we will include a bit of information here, but with some "food for thought" to follow...

If a tile roof leaks, the problem is almost always with the membrane beneath the tile. In order to repair this, you’ll first have to find the area that is leaking.  you’ll need to take-up the tile around the leak, patch the leak with roofing cement, and replace the tiles.

If a roof tile is cracked or broken it probably can't be repaired so you’ll need to replace the tile.

  • Carefully pry up the tile (or tiles) just above the cracked or broken roof tile.
  • Break the faulty tile, and remove the pieces. Also pry or force out any nails.
  • Spread a small amount of roofing cement along the underside of the replacement, and slide it into place. Adhesive, rather than nails, will hold this tile.

Ask yourself if you’re confident in doing this kind of job yourself

Climbing on a pitched roof where a fall could be disastrous… walking carefully and delicately on the tiles to make sure you don’t break any others in your quest to fix what you know is broken, and without necessarily having the keen, professional eye to see what else might be wrong with your roof… Ask yourself if it’s worth trying to save a few bucks.

The alternative is to call in the true professionals who do this every day so they can get it done right for you, the first time. Call Tucson Roof Gurus!